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Book and stay with confidence - our Covid-19 policies

Book with confidence – our policies in light of Covid-19

We’ve always been immensely proud of our cleaning standards.  All our lodges are cleaned and prepared personally by us. So you can be assured that your lodge is professionally cleaned and everything is sanitised to a high standard.

In the interim period of getting back to a new normal things will be a little different and and we don’t want our guests to be concerned if things change and your holiday can’t go ahead.

  • We are taking £100 deposits
  • We will only request payment seven days before your arrival

We’re hoping for more normality in 2022 so we are reverting back to our old Terms and Conditions but if your holiday cannot go ahead because of travel restrictions put in place by either the UK or the Scottish Government then we will refund your deposit and balance payments without delay.

Things will be a little different – both with regard to your accommodation and what there is to do on the island and we hope to answer some of your queries below. We’re always happy to chat through any concerns you have by phone or by email.

Arrival and Departure times

We have never minded guests arriving a wee bit early for their holidays with us. But now, with the new cleaning regimes that we have to carry out we must ask that you do not arrive prior to 5pm. Please also ensure that you have departed your accommodation by 10am at the latest.

Will you be asking us to do anything differently?

We’re having to make a few small changes, yes. Before you leave, please open windows in your lodge and air it thoroughly. We are also asking that all bedding is stripped from the beds and placed in bags provided for you along with all towels.

How do you know your lodge is clean and sanitised?

We are strictly following guidance that has been approved by the Scottish Government and prepared by the Association of Scotland’s Self caterers. If you want to while away an hour the link to the standards we are adhering to is here:

It’s not the most exciting read but we promise that we’re following all of the advice provided.

We are also accredited by the Visit Scotland ‘Good to Go’ scheme.


I’ve visited before – will I notice any changes?

We’ve had to make a few changes. There aren’t as many cushions and throws and children’s toys and games have been removed.

Are all the usual restaurants and cafes open?

This is constantly changing. Some of the smaller establishments who would find it difficult to apply social distancing have had no option but to close. Many however are doing takeout and deliveries.

The situation is improving and there are lots of options for you to enjoy.

Can I still go on a boat trip to Staffa?

Yes! The boat operators are working incredibly hard to provide a service for guests but capacity will have to be limited to account for social distancing

What other attractions will be open?

We’re constantly updating our visitor information and will provide this before your arrival. What won’t change is your access to the great outdoors. So if you’re willing to accept some compromises but you want a change of scenery and fresh air then that’s all still available.

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